Just 4 fun ^^ Random Facts Part 7 ~ SNSD YoonA :D

Hi ^^

Somehow, Yoona’s facts is a bit hard to get, i search around soshified and finally found it 😀

So here’s for you guys YoonAddict  🙂

1. Yoona is #2 shikshin

2. she makes a cute angry face whenever yuri is sad

3. Yoona is the #1 Queen of CF in SNSD.

4. Got many male & female fans want to tackle her.

5. she’s a great actress

6. and a model as well.

7. She is the face of Soshi.

8. Her daum fanclub, Luxul, is currently the largest among soshi members.

9. Yoona would like a son and a daughter

10. She picked Bali (or summer island) for her dream honeymoon destination

11. According to HyoYeon (in Mnet Starwatch) although Yoona seems quiet and hard to approach, she’s actually one of the friendliest soshi member

12. she’s been in many mv for high profile groups and singers. (dbsk, csjh, super junior, lsc)

13. she likes to bow really low! (very random i know, but it’s so cute!)

14. CSJH’s Dana was one of her vocal coach.

15. Yoona is more confident in her dancing and acting compared to singing

16. Yoona is soshi’s dishwasher

17. She’s a part of Soshi dance trio

18. She was a permanent guest on Superjunior Kiss the Radio

19. 200+ auditions for 9ends2outs.

20. Her many awesome facial expressions

21. The best and cutest “Yoona Bboo-oo” (pout)

22. Sasem Yoona and Him Yoona -> nick names

23. Yoona loves rollercoaster ride

24. Yoona loves to eat cereal before bed

25. YoonA ideal man is Daniel Henney & got a sweet hug from him

26. The soshi member she relates to the most is Yuri

27. YoonA fans among male celebs

28. YAMD and 3 hours of sleep

29. Yoona is prettier than flowers XD

30. YoonA has a great S-line figure

31. Have many Ajumma and Halmoni fans because of YAMD

32. Has a Yoonique laugh -> Aligator Yoong

33. Her favourite season is winter.

34. Yoona has admitted that she has never had a boyfriend nor has anyone pursued her.

35. Yoona’s favourite colour is blue. Taeyeon mentioned this on ChinChin

36. Yoona shared the money she got from New Years with the girls (from sossip mill)

37. She would become a Chef if she was not a singer !even though she believes that she is not that good at cooking but she enjoys it!

38. On an episode of Champagne Yoona has revealed she likes older guys up to 5 years older

39. As of August 2009, Yoona is 167cm and a little under 50kg [revealed on Champagne]

40. Sleeping at the hair salon.

41. The member Yoona wants to be alike is Sunny. When Sunny smiles, Yoona wants to be like here [Elle Girl 09 interview]

42. Jessica thinks Yoona is the cutest dongseng

43. Yoona has no ear pierce

44. She’s a free thinker (I’m so sad. no offense)

45. She has two kinds of dimples. A pair of small ones and a pair of big ones.

46. YoonA loves mint chocolate chip ice cream! (it’s my favorite too)

47. Yoona has genes that prevent her from getting fat! –revealed by SNSD’s trainer.

48. Yoona is the queen of midnight snacking.O yea, me too. Heard this on one of the episodes of either GTTS or Manwon Happiness.

49. Yoona doesn’t like guys whose faces are too masculine.

50. Yoona’s favorite fruit is strawberry (she mentioned it on Infinity Challenge)

51. Yoona is the ideal girl of Nickhun from 2pm

52. YoonA took pastry classes.

53. yoonA is the ideal girl of Lee Seung Gi

54. yoonA’s zodiac is gemini

55. yoonA is a fan of Kimura Takuya (HB 18)

56. Yoona prefers Kimura Takuya more than Yun Jung Hoon. (HB 18)

57. Yoona seems to prefer married men, since all her ideal men are married. (Sounds wrong, I know)

58. Yoona likes ballad song mentioned by SooYoung in strong Heart ep3

59. Yoona doesn’t care about height when it comes to ideal man but a little taller than her would be nice mentioned by her in Family Outing

60. Dong Woon, Hyun Seung and Jun Hyung from boy band B2ST all picked YoonA as their favorite SNSD girl.

61. Yoona and Yuri are roommates!!!!

62. Yoona is a dedicated actress. (She cut her hair for her role in Cinderella Man. She asks her sunbaes for advice and criticism.)

63. Yoona’s voice is great for ballads.

64. Yoong wants to get married by the time she’s 27-28. ( From Guerilla Date)

65. Yoong uses 3 type of perfumes but she prefer to use ISSEY MIYAKE the most. from Ceci magazine interview

66. yoona unnie has a unique aegyo that she only showed to her unnies,,, (mentioned by sica unnie in Global talk show, such a cute voice when she says unnie~~ )

67. when she audition for SM, she sang the song from Wax titled (mentioned in Girls on Top,,,,)

68. The most recent dish that she made is kimchi pancake (mentioned in girls on top also)

69. Yoong can’t eat chicken feet. {Family Season 2 Episode 12}

70. Beside dancing, singing & acting skill, Yoona got variety gag skill ) she likes copying Ahn YoungMi voice & [according to other members] she usually use that voice at home [they mean at their dorm ]

71. when Yoona have sth that she really wants to let it out… she would choose Hyoyeon and make Hyoyeon unnie stay up until the dawn ) [which means Yoona talked all night looooooooong ] [Intimate Note]

72. When Yoona is upset..she’ll voice it out saying “Im upset!” thousands times in a day


14 thoughts on “Just 4 fun ^^ Random Facts Part 7 ~ SNSD YoonA :D

  1. aegyo girl

    aww.. so many cute things about yoona! that’s why I really really like her! we have some things in common 🙂 though I wish I also have genes that prevent me from getting fat!

  2. yoona fan

    awwww i love yoona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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